Miss. Pui Yan Yam, Penny

 Director & Secretary

- Hong Kong Psychological Society 

Registered Drawing Psychology Analyst
- International Association for Professional Certification (IAPC), USA

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology
- The Education University of Hong Kong

Penny Yam.jpg


Miss Penny Yam, the director and secretary of Care & Beyond - Wellness Services Co. Limited, is a registered drawing psychology analyst with International Association for Professional Certification (IAPC), USA., also, Member of Hong Kong Psychological Society. She earned her honour degree in Psychology in Social Sciences from the Education University of Hong Kong in 2018.


Miss Yam has been engaged in work on children's and parents’ education and is committed to the development of educational psychology and parenting. She believes that parenting not only affects a person's values, attitude and character but also affect a person's lifelong development. Therefore, proper parenting styles is utmost important for personal development. She believes genuine love and generous care can foster learning and development of children. Teaching methods are only a mean and can always be fine-tuned. She is convinced that to truly understand a child, one must step on the child’s shoes and see the world from the child’s perspective.


Miss Yam truly believed that every person, every child is unique with his/her talent.  Proper education and parenting can help to nourish the child for a brighter future. She hopes that in the future she can be more knowledgeable on children's personality, parenting styles and children development, through in-depth research. She is dedicated to using her knowledge to assist parents in finding suitable ways to facilitate learning and development of their children.