Dr. King Wai Leung, Frank

Founder & Director

Registered Psychologist (Counseling Psychology) 
- Hong Kong Psychological Society 

Associate Fellow 
- Hong Kong Psychological Society

Life Member 
- Hong Kong Mental Health Association

- Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association

Registered Supervisor

- Australian Counseling Association

Certified Supervisor of the Division of Counseling Psychology

- Hong Kong Psychological Society

Chairperson of the Division of Counseling Psychology 
- Hong Kong Psychological Society (2010-2014)

Chairperson & One of the Co-founders 
- Hong Kong Association of Counseling Psychology Limited

Principal Lecturer & Division Head of Division of Social Sciences 
- HKU SPACE Community College (2000-2019) 


Honorary Advisor 

- Pneumoconiosis Mutual Aid Association

Honorary Associate Professor 

- Centennial College (2016-2018)

Honorary Consultant 

- Lunch Actually (Asia Dating Company)



Dr. Frank Leung is a registered psychologist (Counselling Psychology) and an Associate Fellow of the Hong Kong Psychological Society, also the Chairperson of the Division of Counselling Psychology in the Hong Kong Psychological Society (2010-2014). He is a member of the Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association and a life member of the Hong Kong Mental Health Association. He is also a registered Supervisor in Australian Counselling Association Inc. Dr. Leung earned his Doctor of Education degree in Nottingham Trent University, UK, he got his MPhil. in psychology in Chinese University of Hong Kong and Bachelor of Art degree with cum laude honor in psychology in University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA.


Dr. Leung is the founder and director of Care & Beyond- Wellness Service Centre, was an Honorary Associate Professor in Centennial College (July 2016-July 2018), Principal Lecturer and Head of Division of Social Sciences (June 2016 - June 2019), and currently principal lecturer of HKU SPACE Community College. He has been teaching Psychology in local tertiary institutions for more than 26 years. He had been teaching full-time in The City University of Hong Kong for 6 years before he joined HKU SPACE Community College in year 2000 when the college was established. He received outstanding teacher award in 2010. 

Dr. Leung has also given talks to primary and secondary schools, provided consultation to the mass media, and conducted training workshops for government departments, charity organizations, and commercial firms. Training and workshops include stress management, increase motivation, group dynamics, assertiveness training, child development, children sex education, promote to primary school preparation, positive thinking, raising self-esteem, EQ, IQ, multiple intelligence, parenting, positive psychology etc. He is a co-author of a Chinese Abnormal Psychology Text and has articles published in newspapers and books. He also published regularly in his Facebook too.  He is also a practitioner providing individual counseling as private practice and volunteer services. Psychological counseling areas include personal development, personality adjustment, marital relationship, sexual relationship, life adjustment, stress and emotional management, mental health, depression, anxiety disorder, psychosomatic disorders, life coaching, single parent’s children problem, parent-children relationship, parenting, pre-marital counseling etc. In 2008, during 5.12 Sichuan earthquakes, he had been visited different disaster areas in Sichuan to provide counseling for earthquake victims. His act was also reported by local television - TVB Tuesday Files documentary series.


Dr. Leung taught Personal Development, Mental Health, Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Positive Psychology, Intra-and Interpersonal competencies, developmental Psychology, Organizational Behavior previously, and now is teaching Introduction to Counseling, Human Development and Social Environment, Introduction to Psychology and Introduction to Social Psychology in the Community College.

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