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Scope of Practices

Dr. King Wai Leung, Frank (Registered Counseling Psychologist)

  1. Stress & Emotional Management

  2. Children & Adolescent Development

  3. Children Sex Education

  4. Parenting

  5. Single Parents' Children Problem

  6. Parent-child Relationship

  7. Personality Adjustment

  8. Marital Relationship

  9. Sexual Relationship

  10. Pre-marital Counseling

  11. Life Adjustment

  12. Life Coaching

  13. Raising EQ, IQ, Multiple Intelligence

  14. Positive Psychology

  15. Depression

  16. Anxiety Disorders

  17. Psychosomatic Disorders

  18. Increasing Motivation

  19. Assertive Training

  20. Group Dynamics

Ms. Pui Yin Cheung, Natalie (Supervising Speech Therapist)

Treatment & Assessment:

  1. Developmental Delays

  2. Social Communication Disorders

  3. Attention Deficit (except assessment)

  4. Dysgraphia

  5. Language Disorders

  6. Articulation Disorders

  7. Voice Disorders/Dysphonia

  8. Fluency Disorders

  9. Oral Feeding Disorders 

  10. Dyslexia

  11. Neurogenis Stuttering

  12. Dysphagia

  13. Dysphasia

  14. Dysarthria 

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