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Care & Beyond - Wellness Services Co. Ltd.

Multilingual Counseling & Psychotherapy

We understands providing professional and confidential services with love to clients is of vital importance. Your whole person wellness is our key concern. We believe in you. We know you can do it.

Our Mission

We care about your personal growth and development and care about your mental health and whole-person wellness. We are committed 


  • To help you build good and healthy and sustainable relationships. 

  • To support you and accompany you. Provide you with secure, reliable and confidential services to help you regain your sense of stability and retain a peaceful mind. 

  • To promote the knowledge of mental health to the general public, to enhance the community's awareness of psychotherapy. 

Our Services

We value the therapeutic relationship with you for the purpose of obtaining best treatment outcomes

We provide assessments, individual counseling, group counseling, career counseling, couple or family counseling, marital counseling, relationship and sex counseling, developmental guidance, speech or training workshops to individuals, families, schools, organizations or specific target groups.  We also provide online counselling if it is necessary.

The educator must believe in the potential power of his pupil, and he must employ all his art in seeking to bring his pupil to experience this power.

Alfred Adler

Value 01.


It is the legal duty of us of not disclosing any information about our clients. We know that we, as professionals, are responsible for protecting your privacy, which is necessary for the development of any trusting and effective therapeutic relationships.

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