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Ms. Hey Yue Tam, Christel

Professional Team Member

Registered Social Worker 

- Social Workers Registration Board

Bachelor of Science (Major in Psychology)
- McGill University 

Master of Social Work 
University of Hong Kong 

Intermediate Sign Language 

Basic Hypnosis Certification
The Institute of Mental Technology  

Ms. Hey Yue Tam, Christel


Ms Christel Tam acquired her Bachelor degree in Psychology from McGill University, Canada, and Master degree in Social Work from the University of Hong Kong. 

Ms. Tam is a Registered Social Worker and a Personal Branding Analyst. Ms. Tam has worked with clients of diverse background in promoting their continuous personal growth. She assesses clients' needs and challenges, explores with them their strengths and weakness in setting their life goals and reviews their progress regularly. Ms. Tam has worked and witnessed many individuals with low self-esteem regaining their confidence in different aspects of life and eventually appreciating their self-worth in enabling them to unveil their full potential.

Ms. Tam has also been coordinating case management services, holding support groups, carrying out mass programmes and developing services for people with disabilities of all ages, including individuals with autism, intellectual disability, physically handicapped, mental disorder etc. Ms. Tam has also provided a variety of services to individuals with special educational needs, including setting and carrying out Individualized Educational Programme (IEP) goals, applying Applied Behavioral Analysis, as well as educating and supporting their caregivers. Ms. Tam has provided consultation to the mass media (e.g. TVB;; Sunday More; Men’s Uno; ESDLife; etc.) and conducted trainings and workshops for NGOs, schools, hospitals and private settings. Trainings and workshops administered include: play therapy; positive psychology; special educational needs; self-awareness; self-esteem; parenting; love and relationship; team building; laughing yoga; personal branding etc.

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